Easter Holidays Day Ten

The final challenge for the week is another art one. Today we would like you to try and create your own Mondrian piece of art based on the one below. Ideally you will create your own interpretation based on simple 2D shapes and a limited amount of colours. Which shapes will you use? Which medium will you use? Could you do it on the computer? Be imaginative and as ever please forward your incredible creations to slt@petworthprimary.co.uk. Thank you!

Royalty-Free Mondrian Stock Images, Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


My favourite book
My favourite book is ‘The Northern Lights’ by Phillip Pullman. It is all about a little girl called Lyra who goes on a mystical, dangerous adventure and on the way meets an aeronaut and an armoured bear.
This is the front cover:

What is your favourite book?
Can you draw me a picture of the front cover? Who is the main character?

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