Easter Holidays Day Ten

The final challenge for the week is another art one. Today we would like you to try and create your own Mondrian piece of art based on the one below. Ideally you will create your own interpretation based on simple 2D shapes and a limited amount of colours. Which shapes will you use? Which medium will you use? Could you do it on the computer? Be imaginative and as ever please forward your incredible creations to slt@petworthprimary.co.uk. Thank you!

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My favourite book
My favourite book is ‘The Northern Lights’ by Phillip Pullman. It is all about a little girl called Lyra who goes on a mystical, dangerous adventure and on the way meets an aeronaut and an armoured bear.
This is the front cover:

What is your favourite book?
Can you draw me a picture of the front cover? Who is the main character?

Easter Holidays Day Nine

I adore watching films especially animation films. However, I need some advice about which film to watch next. Therefore in less than 100 words I challenge you to write a review of a film you have watched and send it to me. Remember this is an honest review an do not reveal any important details. Please send your reviews to slt@petworthprimary.co.uk and hopefully I will discover some films I have never seen before.

I am looking forward to reading your reviews. Thank you.


Geometric puzzle

This is Kandinsky’s painting Wassily.

What shapes can you see in the painting? Kandinsky liked to use 2d shapes to create his art.

Can you create your own piece of Kandinsky inspired art work?

I would love to see them.

Easter Holidays Day Eight

Today’s challenge is all about your recycling and your imagination. Using only recycled materials we would like you to design a robot / machine, which you think could help with reducing the impact of climate change. This could involve reducing rubbish going to landfill, collecting carbon dioxide, reducing the use of plastics, using renewable energy etc. Your task is to create the robot / machine, explain what it does and how it will help the environment.

A little Tulip
This time of year we tend to send cards and flowers to show that we are thinking of people.
Here is a simple way to make an origami tulip. Do you think you can follow the instruction?
Could you stick them to a card?
Let me know how you do.

Step 1: With the coloured side facing down, fold your paper on the diagonal to make a triangle.
Step 2: Bring the bottom right corner up and to the right of the centre point.
Step 3: Repeat with the left corner, bringing it up and to the left of the centre point.
Step 4: Flip the paper over. Fold the side and bottom points in just a bit, to create a more rounded tulip shape.

As ever it would be great to see what you have created (slt@petworthprimary.co.uk). Good luck!

Easter Holidays Day Seven

Today’s challenge is all about physical exercise. You will have seven challenges to have a go at, which have been designed by School Games.

    1. Washing Hands Squat –  Squat for 10 secs whilst holding hand outs in front pretending to wash them – then stand up and recover for 10 sec – still washing hands. Repeat three times.
    2. Keepy Up Challenge – You will need a balloon or a ball or a piece of paper screwed up. How long can you keep the balloon/ball/piece of paper up for?
    3. Easter Egg and Spoon – You will need a spoon, a piece of paper screwed up, a ball or even a chocolate egg. Anything that works for you. Set up 4 obstacles – cans, cones, anything you can weave through. How many laps can you complete in 30 secs?
    4. Easter Bunny Challenge – Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and jump like an Easter Bunny! How many jumps can you do in 20 seconds.
    5. St Georges Day Dragon Stretch – Take one big step forwards – transfer your weight onto your right foot. Stretch out your left leg behind you. You can use our hands to keep your balance or for increased difficulty bring your arms up above your head. Can you hold this stretch for 60 seconds on both your left and right leg?
    6. Step Ups – Find a step in your house or garden stand opposite the step and then see how many steps you can do in 30 seconds. If you haven’t got a step you can follow the chair exercise but make it harder.
    7. Target Golf – Find yourself 3 containers and 3 ball type objects – rolled up socks would work well for this. Set the containers out over a good distance that is safe and you can easily throw the objects. Standing can you get all 3 objects into each container.


Maths is fun!
I love maths and again I have a problem for you…
Mrs Sandon-Webb loved to shop… she spent £22.00 on herself, £15.00 on Henry and £6.00 on Edward. All of the them got some of their favourite things. Mrs Sandon-Webb got a pair of them, Henry got a dozen of them and Edward had a quad.
What do you think each one bought?
How many separate items did they get?
Can you calculate how much Mrs Sandon-Webb spent?

Good luck and let us know how you got on at slt@petworthprimary.co.uk.

Easter Holidays Day Six

Your challenge today is another art one…can you create a drawing of your hand, which is 3D? When I first did this I was amazed! You have to be patient, careful and concentrate.

First get a piece of paper and draw around your hand with a pencil. Next –

What amazing designs will you do? Which colours will you choose? Why? Will it work with only two or three colours? Remember you can email your finished product to slt@petworthprimary.co.uk.

Easter Holidays Day Five

As you all know I love history! I love going to historical sites, I love reading about it and I love learning about it. Therefore your challenge today is to choose one aspect of history e.g. a period of history, one day in the past, a battle, an invention and you have to ask me five questions and send these by email to me. I will answer your questions and email you back. How many will I get correct? Will your knowledge be better than mine? I promise not to use a web search, a book or a buddy. 🙂

Easter Hunt

Do you have lots of Easter eggs or teddies or dolls in your house?

How about creating a treasure hunt for the grown ups in your house. Can you write or draw pictures that give them clues to the direction of the next clue?

Where will you put the final prize?

You will find the first Easter egg…

Can you find the grass that is green,

Look under the pot that is blue!

Good luck!

Easter Holidays Day Four

Did you know amazing science goes on in your house everyday? I have a challenge for you today, which will mean you becoming a scientist.

Your challenge is to become a cook! There is nothing like eating a fabulous tasty cake or a gorgeous meal, so why not get involved! I know many of you have helped out in the kitchen over the last two weeks, so you are probably experts by now. Please send us some photos of you preparing, making and then what you have produced at slt@petworthprimary.co.uk.

Onomatopoeia writing

What a strange word this is!

Onomatopoeia means a word that is spelt like it sounds. Ffind your own onomatopoeic words and create a poster for them?